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Whether you are learning photography, a professional photographer or even just pursuing photography as a hobby, there is no denying having the right lighting makes all the difference in getting high-quality photos and videos. Depending on your purpose for using artificial lighting and your photography needs, you can choose multiple lighting gadgets. Our range of LED light offers you a range of warmth to choose from with various intensity of light. The light panels or ring lights offer the best lighting to create content or videos. 
We offer select background stands and background clothes too.


Lights & Background

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Lights & Background


Light LED Pocket M200RGB Li-Po PowerBank 151x80x11.5mm CRI96+

The Phottix M200R RGB Light is a compact and powerful light ...

$ 195.00
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Studio Lights




Studio Lights


Enhanced Creativity: Continuous light systems are suitable for everything from still photo shoots and video shoots to indoor/outdoor and even night photography. By using other lighting aids such as softboxes and ring lights, you can manipulate the lighting in innovative ways to get the perfect shot. All lights we stock are LED lights for continuous photography
Ideal for Beginners: 
Phottix continuous studio lighting equipment allows you to gauge the light levels before starting with a photoshoot. They make it easier to get a good sense of the colour temperature and adjust the white balance. 
Excellent for Video Shoots : A continuous lighting kit not only works well for photoshoots but also takes your video shoots to another level. Most videos are done using a continuous light setup, so you have full control over the lighting of the elements in your frame. 
Easy Installation: Studio lights are easy to assemble and highly portable. You can conveniently carry them in zippered customizable travel cases. You can match the lights to suitable lighting stands from our Phottix range of stands.
Lightweight and Sturdy: Most studio lights are lightweight as they are built using aluminium alloys. Plus, they are sturdy and durable for long shoots.

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