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Get yourself in the frame. You are your story's best spokesperson. Tell the world your story with the Bizz Mart range of Selfie Sticks from Joby, Gizomos or from the exciting vlogging kits by Boya and Mirfak in our range. Gear it up with the Joby Bluetooth remote, Boya and Mirfak range of microphones and Phottix lighting gear. We have a complete range to suit your needs.

Selfie Sticks / Vlogging Kit

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Versatile: Selfie sticks are versatile to take a picture or video from any angle. You can literally go great lengths of you story and have the selfie stick extent or stand up like a table tripod. 
Stabilty: The bluetooth remote in our selfie sticks helps you to take the images or videos without any jerks or remotely once you gave set up the stick with the tripod. 
Vlog like a PRO: With the vlogging kits get ready to vlog and log your videos with the light, microphones set up. You can have on the go vlogging gear in your pocket and start vlogging from a busy shopping mall or from a hill top.

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