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As a Vlogger, Podcaster or a Content Creator you regularly record and upload videos on your social media channels! 
You would appreciate the significance of good quality voice is in the production of any videos. 
Wireless Microphones at Bizz Mart ensure you get the best quality audio in your content.



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Compact N2 On - Camera Microphone

Directional condenser microphone with CARDIOID Sound Pick ...

$ 53.90
plus delivery
Price / kg:


Compatible with a variety of devices

$ 38.50
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Ideal for YouTubers or Video Content Creators on Facebook or Insta or Hobbyists: Our microphones are specially designed for people planning to establish themselves by creating their content and creating meaningful videos. It works unbelievably well for recording tutorials, vlogs, lecture videos, product reviews and educating people about your business or hobby. 
Built-in Noise Reduction Mechanism: Some microphones have built in noise reduction mechanism that can reduce the surrounding noise as much as you want. All you can do is try and limit the external noise of fans, coolers, open windows, or air conditioners to get top-notch audio quality.
Universally usage: Microphones are compatible with almost all the devices. From DSLRs and PCs to laptops, androids, iphones or any other smartphones for a smooth recording experience. Check the audio port of your equipment to pick the suitable microphone for your kit
Easy to carry: The compact size and lightweight materials used for making the microphone give it an extremely lightweight quality. It is easy to carry around to any shoot location or studio you want.
Clear voice recording: The microphone is easy to clip at multiple angles, resulting in enhanced audio clarity, no matter where you place the microphone. The useful gear is designed to provide good flexibility to working professionals, content creators and presenters.

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