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When you are shooting a movie or a moving object, there are two key parameters for nailing the perfect shot – stability and range of motion. This is where gimbals can make your job easier. Typically, 3-axis gimbals ensure that regardless of the movement, a camera's motion is stabilized. This is precisely the reason gimbals are a big hit amongst videographers.




MINI-MI Gimbal for Smartphones

Moz Mini-MI Gmbal stabiliser - unleash your full potential ...

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Excellent Stability: Bizz Mart Gimbals range helps you get a perfectly stable shot even in action-packed scenes. Be it complete direction changes, sudden motions or fast follow, gimbal's sport mode maintains stabilization and enhances each axis's sensitivity.
Compact and Lightweight: Our Gimbals come with a quick and modular setup design that can be easily carried in limited spaces. Built using aluminium and magnesium construction, together with other high-strength composite materials if packs in a robust performance at just a little over 1 kg weight.
Clear Footage: A 3-axis motorized gimbal offers clear footage and top-notch camera stability. Paired with any good quality smartphone or high-end DSRL camera, it can produce top-class results that are professional-looking.
Smooth Operation: Operating with the gimbals is a seamless process. You can start with following the easy setup and then move on to Auto-Tune for optimal torque control. You can conveniently stabilize your shots through high torque motors when mounted to moving platform speeds of up to 75 kph. 
Innovative Design: The artistic designs of our range is crafted, keeping budding and professional photographers in mind. The ingenious framework is built in a way that the camera's built-in display is always in your line of sight and objection-free.

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