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As a content creator who regularly record and share videos on your social media platforms, you need a phone clamp to give you that steady connection with a tripod or a monopod. Our industry best, Joby and Manfrotto clamps, give you a very safe grip to your smartphone and connects it to the suitable gear. Pro design clamps makes it easier for you to switch from portrait to landscape mode in a blink and help you create great videos. 



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Phone Clamps


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Various Sizes:  various adjustable sizes to fit most smart phones. We have clamp for tablets as well
Easy to carry: Phone Clamps are super light and easy to carry for any outdoor or indoor shoot. Plus, it is compact and hardly takes any space in your photography kit.
Safe Grip: The best quality products from Joby and Manfrotto assures you that your smartphones are safe with our clamps. The clamp is built using reliable quality materials that do not damage your smartphone's exterior. You can choose a clamp to hold the smartphone with or without a case.
Car Vent Clamps: We have a range of versatile clamps for use in your automobiles. 
Switch from portrait to Landscape: use the pro clamp and switch the orientation with a click. 
Universally Compatible: The clamps are designed keeping the ‘one for all’ utility factor in mind. Be it iPhone, Android or other smartphones in the market, this useful piece of gear is compatible with all models without requiring any additional tools to assemble and use.

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