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Having right accessories to support is a blessing for any content creator. 
An amazing gadget in our accessories is Joby Bluetooth remote - it helps you click a photo or start a video remotely, from up to 90 feet. 
When you need to clean your smartphone, there is nothing better than the Inca cleaning cloth. Check out our memory card reader



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Cleaning Cloth Microfibre Blue

21cm x 21cm Square cloth

$ 7.70
plus delivery
Price / kg:









Cleaning: Best of the photography accessories at Bizz Mart. Cleaning Cloth can keep your lens and screens clean for that perfect pic. 
Memory Readers: Keep your memory capacity free in the memory cards you use in your cameras or mobiles, with our range on card readers. 
Remote: Bluetooth remote is the best accessory you can get, pair it with your phone and start creating content remotely. 

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